The Organization

Are you interested in planning the competing of the Giant Jamboree, recruiting a new 2021 team, work with outreach or just interested in research and synthetic biology?
Join the organization, it’s free!

What the Organization does

You can either be a passive or active member in our organization.
Here are some things you can help us do:

Assemble the LiU iGEM 2021 team

A vital part of the organization is building next year’s team who will compete in the iGEM competition.

We will try to find students able of working with research, coding websites, designers and students able to help us build a mathematical model related to the project

Work with public & student outreach

We find it important to communicate and learn from students all aspect of research.

We are therefore trying to be a presence on platforms such as social media, podcasts and public occasions! You can help us by working with communication in the organization.

The LiU iGEM
2020 team

The team of 2020 have aimed to enhance asthma diagnosis by empowering clinicians and biologist to analyze their own own transcriptome data. We have hereby created ClusteRsy which today is used by researchers at University Hospital of Linköping.

During the virtual Giant Jamboree, the team was awarded:


The LiU iGEM
2019 team

2019 LiU iGEM had a team focusing on the healing of infection prone wounds such as burns. By fusing antimicrobial peptides and enzymes to a cellulose bandage, the team aimed to replace currently used silver bandages in addition to decreasing the need for antibiotics. 

During the Giant Jamboree, the team was awarded:

Best Theurapeutics
Best Wiki

The team was additionally nominated for:

BEst Integrated human practice
Best MOdeling
Best Composite part
Best Basic Part
Best Part Collection

Requirements for

Joining LiU iGEM

Because iGEM needs to be performed during the summer,
you will read a 6 or 15 credits course with full CSN called:
Synthetic Biology – Project Course


You need to have 80 credits by May of 2021. The program you are enrolled in should also have laboratory moments. This is needed for the 15 credit course.


You need to have previous lab experience for the 15 credit course. In addition, you need to have documents from your Bachelor’s.


15 credits: You need to be available to work the whole summer (40 h/week).
You will be able to have 2 weeks of semester.

Reading the 15 credit course is obligatory if you want to work in the lab.
There is a 6 credit course where you can work with other parts of iGEM.

Join the 2021 team!