What Is iGEM?

iGEM is the world’s largest competition in synthetic biology. The goal is to create a project related to synthetic biology that solves a problem. During the spring a project is chosen and planned, in the summer the project is performed and in the autumn the project is presented in Boston, USA.

About The organization

The LiU iGEM organization focuses on involving students in science by every year forming an iGEM team competing in synthetic biology.
The organization also reach out on social media and events to inform the community about synthetic biology.

We are currently competing in in the virtual Giant Jamboree.

Follow our journey and the Giant Jamboree experience.

Coming up:

Recruitment of the 2021 LiU iGEM team

We are soon accepting applications to join the 2021 LiU iGEM team.
In the team you can work with several fields such as: 

Mathematical modeling
Hardware or Software
Website coding

Public outreach
Collaborations (e.g. health care and companies)
Graphic design


Promoting research, modeling and human integration

LiU iGEM focuses on increasing the interest in research, mathematical modeling and human integration by building a team for the international competition iGEM (international genetically engineered machine).

The team plans a project revolving synthetic biology in the spring. During the summer the project gets and in autumn, the project is presented in Boston, USA. Over 360 teams participated last year.


What is Synthetic Biology?

iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) is focused on creating novel solutions to current problems with synthetic biology. Synthetic biology stems from the idea of redesigning biology for a new purpose.

Organisms, mainly bacteria and yeast, can be genetically modified to produce medicines or industrial products. They can also be modified for diagnostic purposes (biosensors) or to produce materials which are normally difficult to yield. Below two main building blocks of synthetic biology:

Designing DNA

DNA needs to be designed in order for your organism to create something new. This can for example be a gene expressing therapeutic or a diagnostically useful protein.

After designing the genetic sequence it needs to be inserted into the organism leading to a genetically modified organism (GMO).

Protein Engineering

Proteins are the building blocks of life, in synthetic biology proteins can be engineered to acquire new properties or be made more effective.

When designing DNA, proteins from one or several organisms can be engineered to fit a desired purpose. These proteins are often not native to the expressing organism.

Due to the nature of synthetic biology iGEM follows strict safety guidelines when engineering DNA and proteins. All iGEM projects are required to fill out safety forms. Ethical aspects are always addressed and considered when performing projects.

Current projects

The organization works with several projects related to iGEM and synthetic biology.

Virtual Giant Jamboree 2020

We are currently competing in the virtual Giant Jamboree. We are attending seminars and workshops with people all over the world.  

Building a 2021 team

The Giant Jamboree is soon over which means that a new team for 2021 needs to be formed. The application to join will soon be available here!

searching for members

One goal of the organization is to involve as many as possible. Therefore, joining the organization is free and everyone who’s interested are welcome to join. This is done by filling out the form above.

Public outreach

By having this website, social media and even a Youtube series/podcast called Attempting Science, we aim to inform the community about synthetic biology.

Follow us on Social Media

By following us on social media, you will be able to see what the organization and the team are doing. You will also be able to learn more about what we are all about.



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